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Lee, Pod
3 October
Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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Cardinal Newman College - Preston England - Lancashire UK (2002 - 2005)
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ac/dc, adventure games, aerosmith, ags, alice in chains, alkaline trio, audioslave, avenged sevenfold, baby bitch, beneath a steel sky, black metal, black sabbath, blind guardian, bobbin threadbare, brain may, brass eye, bruce dickinson, bryan adams, children of bodom, classic rock, computers, counting crows, cynophobia, dave gorman, day of the tentacle, death metal, deep purple, dispatch, dragonforce, dream evil, dream theater, eels, eighties matchbox b-line disaster, family guy, fifth element, fighting like a cow, flashback, freedom call, full throttle, futurama, gamma ray, glam rock, goldfinger, grim fandango, gruvis malt, guns 'n' roses, hammerfall, hard rock, heavy metal, helloween, iced earth, insult swordfighting, iron maiden, jimi hendrix, joe satriani, king crimson, led zeppelin, linux, loom, lucasarts, machinae supremacy, manowar, metal, metallica, monkey island, mornington crescent, motley crue, motorhead, mr biffo, muse, nightwish, nine inch nails, pantera, pearl jam, pink floyd, point and click, police quest, power metal, power quest, preston, prestone, prog metal, queen, queensryche, quest for glory, rachel stamp, rachmaninov, rage against the machine, red dwarf, rhapsody, rock music, rod zombie, sam and max, saxon, scorpions, scumm, sensible software, shaun of the dead, shostakovich, silvertide, simon the sorcerer, slayer, smashing pumpkins, space quest, spaced, spinal tap, steel dragon, steelheart, stellastarr*, stephen buckley, steve vai, stratovarius, symphonic metal, the ataris, the calling, the darkness, the mighty boosh, thin lizzy, uplink, van halen, wireplay
Hello dearies. My name is Lee. I like bananas. I'm a third year college student, I'll have you know, at Newman College, which is in Preston. Yes, I AM rubbish, hence my third year, thankyou! x

As a general rule I tend to like Rock and Metal based music, with splashes of ska, reggae, indie, classica, acousitc, "core", electroni- infact, I generally like anything instrument based, with a bit of a melody thrown in for good measure. I mostly prefer the Power, Heavy, Symphonic and Progressive variants of metal and the "Classic" variants of Rock with a hint of "Heavy", "Prog", "Cheese", "Cock", "Glam" and "insert 60/70/80's rock genre here" types..

Ps, Thin Lizzy are amazing, as are Iron Maiden, love them with all your might and you may, just MAY, get into musical heaven.

Oh yeah, aside from being a big geek, I also play drums whenever I can get kit access, or the tables whenever I can't. Thump Thump, hey what?